Rosie Picks My Pocket (Again…)

I swear, I’m spending more on postage on this project than I am materials. After spending the entire evening  trying to find the right stepper motors from a supplier in the US, I finally settled on a UK distributor.  They had 4 quality motors available that are perfect and relatively low cost.  In fact, the Reprap site listed the B-version of the motors as proven, but they are double shafted.  The A-version, identical except for a single shaft (which is better) is now available from the same distributor.  The cost? Including postage, less than the cheapest equivalent motors I could find in the US.   So the motors are now waiting on airfreight delivery from across the pond.

Wrote an email to a laser cutting house tonight, also.  With a little luck, that will get done this week.  Also fabricated the opto-endstop flags:

They still need to be drilled (I have to find some metric bits), but they came out pretty well.  I’m glad I went with the heavier flashing stock.

Well, once everything on order arrives, I will cut all the bar and studding stock to length, and I should be ready for mechanical assembly.  The only mechanical parts that I haven’t got in the pipeline are for the extruder, which is fine since that will probably be the very last part built – even after the electronics.  That bit is a little complicated and is going to take some time.

OK, time for bed.  Rosie has kept me up long enough for 1 (um…. 2) days.


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