Rosie Gets Ready…

So this is a pretty big day…  By the time I post this, all of the Reprapped parts will have been printed.  The fifth plate of 11 finished this morning, and the last plate of two small parts was printing when I left work. Tonight I brought the first five plates home and cracked all the parts off, then sorted them by whether or not they would need to be put into the solvent bath for a final cleaning.  Of the 98 printed parts, 63 needed no additional work, 2 are printing, and 33 need further cleaning.  I picked as much of the support material off as I could (messy, messy job – wear safety glasses!) and the rest will get dissolved out.  That will probably take the whole day tomorrow – not much to do, though, just stir the parts in the bath now and then.  Here is a picture of the fifth plate:

The last two parts to print had problems in the STL files that it took awhile to fix.  Otherwise they would probably be on this plate.

Tomorrow my order from McMaster should arrive, and the bearings shouldn’t be far behind.  That is good news.  I’ll be able to cut all of the bar stock on Friday, and hopefully start mechanical assembly this weekend.  It also gives me a couple of days to finish cleaning the printed parts, get them dried out, and get everything organized for assembly.  Can’t wait!


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