Its a very Rosie Xmas…

We live in a very small world  these days.  On the 22nd, I ordered a bunch of parts for Rosie from a couple of companies in LA, and 4 stepper motors from a company in England.  They all arrived three days later – even the motors.  It seems like not so long ago sending something overseas was a huge undertaking, and you never quite new how long it would take.  No longer!  Coming home from work today was a little like Xmas morning!

So all of the fasteners, studding, bar stock, bearings, belts, and motors have arrived.  There was a slight problem with one group of washers, so I have to deal with that, but otherwise the orders all look complete.  The last two parts printed successfully, and I have cleaned the support material out of about half the 34 parts that needed cleaning.  The support material is soluble over several hours in a heated detergent bath.  I’ll clean the rest tomorrow and cut all the studding and bar stock to length.  The printed parts will need to soak overnight, then dry, so I am probably still a couple of days away from assembly. That probably works out OK since I need to wait on the new washers and on the laser cut parts.  Soon, though!  The BOM is almost complete for the mechanical construction.

I just realized that the motor shaft does not have the double flats that the drive gears have.  I’m going to have to make a custom gear and print it out.

Right now, though, time for sleep!


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